Iris Mittenaere: Diego El Glaoui shares her photo!


Diego El Glaoui shared a new photo with darling Iris Mittenaere on the Web. And as always, the couple caused a sensation!

Between Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui, it’s a tough affair! The couple are once more in love than ever on Instagram. And Internet users could not resist their cliché! We show you …

Iris Mittenaere lives on a cloud since her meeting with Diego El Glaoui. Indeed, the former Miss France and her darling are living a very passionate love story! And they can’t do anything without each other!

The pretty brunette is not afraid to post her love story online! On the contrary ! She shares her adventures with her lover on Instagram every day!

The duo also organize superb photo shoots for 2 to make Internet users dream. And it works ! More and more fans are joining him to admire their photos!

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui have become an essential couple on social networks. And not a day goes by that they don’t make people talk about them!

Yesterday, Diego El Glaoui spoiled his community! He unveiled a new series of photos with his sweetheart to declare his love for her!

For once, the young man shared a wonderful vacation memory with Iris Mittenaere! We can then admire them in front of their private jet in the mountains! We love !

Iris Mittenaere: Diego El Glaoui shares an adorable photo of her!


The lovebirds appear on the airstrip in the middle of the snow. They hold hands and seem very happy to go on an adventure!

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The lovers have decided to match their outfit! They wear a casual look that looks great on them!

Iris Mittenaere is wearing a white sweatshirt with a ponpon hat! Diego El Glaoui shows up with a nice jogging set in the same color. We love !

No doubt: the couple never do things by halves for their one-to-one trips! And their vacation memory again caused a sensation on the Web!

Diego El Glaoui has collected over 10,000 likes in just a few hours. But that’s not all ! Many fans also complimented her for her pretty picture with Iris Mittenaere.

“Couple goal”, “You look too beautiful”, “Adorable”, “The best couple”, “You look very much in love” can we read among the reactions!

No doubt: Internet users are therefore still fans of the young couple! And they are not ready to stop following their adventures on Instagram!

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui are used to carrying their subscribers on board on each of their trips. So what will be the next destination for the two lovebirds? Case to follow!


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