Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui: Their Incredible Halloween Party Shares


Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui: Their Incredible Halloween Party Shares. On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere shared several photos where she reveals her incredible Halloween night alongside Diego El Glaoui!

Several weeks ago, the Web learned that Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette had ended their relationship. If the two lovebirds have never confessed their romance, the dancer did not hesitate to announce their separation. And now, it is alongside Diego El Glaoui that the young woman seems filled with love.

Indeed, this is the first time she has introduced her companion. Something she did not do with Kev Adams or Anthony Colette. It seems that this one is the man of her life. Moreover, this Saturday, November 2, Iris Mittenaere posted photos on her Instagram account. She unveiled her amazing Halloween party with her darling!

In legend of her Instagram photos, Iris Mittenaere also wrote: “I wanted to last one title. Miss and Mister Living dead 2019. I wanted a last little crown ahah. Or when you can not get rid of this virus from the crown and you pass it on. Yes we are a little late for Halloween. But we’ll put that on the jet lag. With her shot, she also collected more than 156,500 “likes” in just a few hours from her fans. In the comments, they have not failed to compliment the small couple.

It must be said that the two lovebirds have cracked the Web with these pictures. The subscribers of the former Miss France and Miss Universe also wrote: “Well 2 crowns in Miss Beauty and one in ugly. Iris Miss in all circumstances! “Even like that you are beautiful. “,” Wow. You are really beautiful even with the Halloween costume you are very radiant. “,” You remain beautiful in all cases by cons I admit that it is scary. But also “Even in the darkest depths … are too handsome! “.

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