Iris Mittenaere dares the sportswear look


Iris Mittenaere doesn’t have to do a lot to shine! The proof with his latest sportswear look that won over his fans!

Iris Mittenaere once again shared a very inspiring look on Instagram! This time around, the star swapped her evening looks for a nice sports ensemble. And the result is amazing! We show you!

It’s no secret that Iris Mittenaere loves fashion! Indeed, the former Miss always approaches looks at the forefront of trends. And she never hesitates to embrace all the trends of the moment!

Diego’s sweetheart often shares outfit ideas with her fans. She thus takes fashion photos to the delight of her admirers!

Evening dress, sexy sets, BCBG outfits… Iris Mittenaere never fails to inspire her fans to dream. She is thus considered as a real influencer on the web. Unbelievable !

Only, the pretty brunette doesn’t always want to put in the effort to dress. And the latter sometimes prefers to stay in sports clothes all day!

Yesterday, the It-girl unveiled her weekend look on Instagram. And this time, no more heels and dressy clothes! The star simply fell for a set of jogging. But that didn’t stop him from wreaking havoc!

Iris Mittenaere posed in the mirror of her elevator. She is wearing jogging pants and a khaki sweatshirt. The top also complements her look with a long beige coat and sneakers. A perfect look to stay comfortable all day!


Iris Mittenaere also opts for simplicity and chooses not to wear makeup. The star is displayed naturally, and without make up. We love !

The star then makes a little confidence to his fans. Indeed, the latter writes in the caption: “My Sunday uniform. I am a team sports outfit without doing any! Tell me who is in my team! “.

According to Iris Mittenaere, you don’t need to play sports to wear the sportswear look. And her fans seem to agree with her completely!

The fashionista is not the only one to adopt her style for chilling on the weekends. Indeed, many Internet users do like her!

” I do the same ! This look is superb “,” You are right! In addition it suits you well “,” Team jogging too! Where does yours come from? it is superb! »,« I validate this look! Can we read among the comments!

So it’s a no-fault for the former Miss. Indeed, the star has inspired many fans with her pretty casual look!

It just goes to show that Iris Mittenaere doesn’t have to do a lot to seduce her fans! And the latter has not finished wowing us with her fashion tips. What do you think ?


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