Iris Mittenaere cut during the editing of Ninja Warrior on TF1


Ninja Warrior fans noticed that Iris Mittenaere got cut off in the edit. Christophe Beaugrand wanted to react

The show has been around for a few years now, but is still of great interest to audiences. Indeed, Ninja Warrior manages to gather as many viewers as during its first seasons. No doubt thanks to the cast, but also to its trio of hosts. This one composed of Denis Brogniart, Christophe Beaugrand or Iris Mittenaere.

In fact, the former Miss France has been talked about on the Internet following the last issue. Let the fans rest assured, it was not bad that Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart was reacting, on the contrary.

Ninja Warrior viewers were surprised not to see her on screen anymore. Because in the last episode, Iris Mittenaere would have appeared very little.

A rather surprising thing when you know that she has as much a place as her two colleagues. Following this, Christophe Beaugrand wanted to react, without giving too much information on the subject: “It had been done during the shooting. I don’t know why the edit cut it off. Hey I’m sorry ”

In short, we won’t really know why Iris Mittenaere appeared very little on the latest Ninja Warrior show.


Especially since she really enjoys her new role and fulfills it wonderfully. She also shared her feelings with TV Mag as Purebreak notes. The beauty, letting it be known that she was living her “new adventure thoroughly”:

“I always take great pleasure in discovering the candidates. And to share moments with them and with their families. I really live the adventure thoroughly “. Iris Mittenaere, also adding: “It is true that I would like to improve and test something else. We discussed it with TF1 and they want to give me different roles. ”

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Finally, to conclude: “Afterwards, I don’t want to do TV to do TV. I want programs that suit me, especially entertainment. It could be beauty, travel or humor … And why not work on TFX too? ”

But when we see that Iris Mittenaere gets cut from a TF1 program, not sure that the channel agrees to make her work on TFX …


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