Iris Mittenaere criticized for her hairstyle in the 2019 NRJ Music Awards!


This Saturday, November 9, TF1 has broadcast, as every year, NRJ Music Awards 2019. The best event to give free rein to his imagination in terms of style. This is particularly the case of Bilal Hassani who appeared on the red carpet with a long blue princess dress. And he is not the only one who wanted to try an original style. This is also the case of the beautiful Iris Mittenaere.

Indeed, this Sunday, November 10, Iris Mittenaere posted several photos on her Instagram account. She appeared with a brand new haircut for the 2019 NRJ Music Awards. The young woman opted for a bangs and quite long hair. As a reminder, she decided to cut his long hair several months ago under the request of his fans. They wanted a little change. And this time, it is with a fringe that the former Miss France and Miss Universe appeared on social networks.

On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere posted three photos where she appears really sublime with her new haircut. But this change is obviously not the taste of his fans. Indeed, while some people have loved his fringe, others have clearly not validated. On Twitter for example, some have balanced: “Iris you are beautiful but this fringe and this fine hair is not possible”, “The fringe does not go”, “Ouaa, what is the cut of Iris! No but stop “,” Stop the massacre “or” We do not recognize it with this cup “.

And under his picture Instagram, others told the mannequin: “You excuse me but I prefer without. The face clearing you so much better. “,” Without fringe but even with you remain beautiful. »,« I really like both of them but without it I find it prettier! But also “Without but you are still so beautiful”.