Iris Mittenaere creates a bracelet with its initials!


On Instagram, Iris Mittenaere unveils a sublime bracelet with the initials of Diego El Galoui, the man who shares his daily life.

Very active on Instagram, Iris Mittenaere has just shared a new unpublished video in her story. Miss France and Universe 2016 unveils her sublime bracelet with the initials of her darling Diego El Glaoui.

Every day, Iris Mittenaere feeds her various social networks with exclusive content. With it, Internet users hardly have time to be bored.

Between the photos of her shoots, the beauty fashion tips, the little moments with the man who shares her life, and the original announcements, there is plenty to do!

Thus, the fans of the star follow his adventures with the greatest attention, in search of new nuggets. And yet, there are very often!

As a result, the beauty queen has more than 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram, one of her favorite platforms. Yes, you did hear!

She thus emerges as one of the most popular and influential bloggers around. It must be said that she spends a good part of her time there.

And to the delight of her audience, Iris Mittenaere has just unveiled a new exclusive video in her story. The social media star thus reveals the bracelet she wears on her wrist, bearing the initials of Diego El Glaoui.

Iris Mittenaere unveils a sublime bracelet with the initials of her darling!


Between Iris Mittenaere and her darling Diego El Glaoui, it is crazy love. The two lovebirds do not let go of a single sole! You have to believe that they really love each other more than anything.

Moreover, they do not hesitate to show their happiness in the eyes of all, especially through social networks. Their different accounts are full of photos together!

Which seems to please fans of the couple a lot. With each appearance, the two stars are a real hit! It’s simple, everyone loves them.

On Thursday February 18, Iris Mittenaere once again proved that she was madly in love with the man who shares her life every day. She can’t do without him!

In her story, she unveils the bracelet she wears around her wrist. We then discover the initials of Diego El Gloui. “Work … But with you …” she declares then.

The jewel is really very beautiful! Seduced, Internet users then once again reacted en masse to their idol’s new post. He thus unanimously validates it!

In the following stories, Miss France and Universe 2016 talks about the association of which she is the ambassador. The latter works “in 12 countries, with more than 25,000 sponsored children”. She helps young girls in particular.

The big star of social networks does indeed intend to shake things up!


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