Iris Mittenaere class in a very nice set in the streets of Paris


Iris Mittenaere has struck again! The bomb was revealed in a very inspiring classy look in Paris! And her fans loved it!

Bomb alert ! Iris Mittenaere has struck again! Indeed, the It girl unveiled a very classy look for walking around Paris. And the result left no one indifferent! We let you discover in the rest of the article!

It’s no secret that Iris Mittenaere is a true fashionista! Indeed, the former Miss loves to show off with stylish outfits. And she never hesitates to embrace the trends of the moment!

Casual look, chic outfit or even sportswear… the star juggles looks to perfection! And not a day goes by without her wreaking havoc on Instagram!

Iris Mittenaere is now considered a true fashion and lifestyle influencer. More than 2.6 million Internet users follow her for inspiration on a daily basis. Unbelievable !

Diego’s sweetheart therefore redoubles her efforts to seduce the Web. And the least we can say is that she is not lacking in imagination!

Iris Mittenaere always organizes ultra-trendy shootings to show her current favorites. In fact, she just posted a photoshoot that left no one indifferent!

This time, Diego’s sweetheart has fallen for a very Parisian ensemble. She appears in a very classy outfit in the streets of the capital. We love !

Iris Mittenaere class in a very nice set in the streets of Paris!


For once, Iris Mittenaere did a real star shoot for her admirers. Indeed, the bomb goes on poses in the middle of an alley in Paris. And that’s splendid!

The It Girl wears a very classy outfit perfect for the end of winter! She approaches an ensemble with a blazer and a green plaid mini skirt.

But that’s not all ! Iris Mittenaere plays the elegance card all the way! She also discusses polka-dot tights, a Chanel bag and tall heeled boots. The perfect combo to be a true Parisian!

On the makeup side, the former Miss Universe preferred simplicity! She wears nude makeup that highlights her natural beauty. We love !

The star therefore caused a sensation with her look of the day. It must be said that this classy outfit fits him like a glove!

More than 120,000 internet users liked Iris Mittenaere’s photo. But that’s not all ! The fashionista was also entitled to thousands of compliments!

“Too beautiful”, “This outfit is perfect”, “Perfection”, “What a charm! “,” I love it when you wear this kind of elegant outfit “can we read among the reactions!

So it’s clear for the beautiful Iris Mittenaere. The star caused another sensation with her outfit of the day. And the latter is likely to inspire many young women with this look. Notice to amateurs!


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