Iris Mittenaere: Christmas movie day with Diego “life”!


Iris Mittenaere already has to be in December! Indeed, the top is already watching Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit!

Iris Mittenaere has found a new passion during confinement! The star is already spending her days watching Christmas movies with Diego! We show you!

Iris Mittenaere loves to share her daily life with her fans. Indeed, the bomb can not help but chat with his followers on Instagram.

Projects, sport, cooking, private life … the it girl has almost no secrets for internet users! We can then follow his adventures over the days. We love !

The star also gives a lot of tips to avoid getting bored while in confinement. She shows all of her activities on her profile. And the least we can say is that she is not lacking in imagination!

Iris Mittenaere always has a great idea to pass the time. She just shared her favorite holiday activity!

Yesterday, the star spent her day in front of Netflix with her darling Diego. But beware ! The star isn’t watching just any movie during these complicated times!


Iris Mittenaere confided in her fans. Indeed, the star is already watching Christmas movies to get into the holiday spirit.

The top has also immortalized this cocooning moment with her darling. We can then discover her under the duvet watching a movie with Diego. We love !

Iris Mittenaere adds in the caption: “Life! “. No doubt, the star has found a great way to keep busy while in lockdown.

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The star has received many messages from her fans. And the latter did not hesitate to give him ideas for Christmas movies.

Like what, the bomb can always count on its community! And the latter may still spend hours in front of her screen to wait with the holidays!


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