Iris Mittenaere became the ambassador of Jaguar brand!


Iris Mittenaere has officially joined the British brand Jaguar alongside other ambassadors such as actor Pierre Niney.

This January 25, Iris Mittenaere celebrates her 28th birthday. A date that the Miss has difficulty celebrating, as she confided on her Instagram account. And this, despite the good news.

As you may know, Iris Mittenaere is celebrating her 28th birthday today. For the occasion, the one who has been accompanying him for more than a year then decided to mark the occasion. On Instagram, he therefore shared a series of photos in which we see them kissing.

But that’s not all ! We also discover an adorable message, worthy of the most beautiful statements. “I promise to work so that each year that we leave behind strengthens our happiness a little more, until we forget the weight of age” we read in the caption of the post.

Diego El Glaoui then concludes with “together, we will be happy to grow old. Happy Birthday my love “. How cute !

Seduced and very moved by the message from her darling, Iris Mittenaere could not hide her emotion. “I love you my love … Thank you for putting some glitter in my life,” she replied in the comment space. For their part, Internet users have also reacted en masse.

Despite this, the young woman confided not quite living her 28th birthday. Indeed, she is getting closer and closer to her thirties.

“I realize that tomorrow, I’ll take another year,” she wrote in the story. Then the latter finally wanted to focus on the magnificent record of what she has managed to accomplish in just a few years: “But I remember that I am exactly where I want to be in life… And with the person who is ‘you have to,’ she wrote.

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Iris Mittenaere is committed to helping young girls!


Iris Mittenaere has much to be proud of. Indeed, the latter accomplished great projects and it is not going to stop soon.

Thus, we learn that the beautiful has officially joined the legendary Jaguar brand. At his side are actor Pierre Niney, racing drivers Romain Grosjean and Anthony Beltoise. Or the tennis player Nicolas Mahut. So this is a privilege!

In a statement released by the brand, Iris Mittenaere says that “the Jaguar brand” has “always inspired beauty, presence and elegance.” “I am extremely proud to represent it, and happy to drive in such an iconic and innovative vehicle. Reconciling driving pleasure and responsible driving is very important to me, ”she explains. She will therefore have the chance to drive models from the manufacturer Jaguar. Just that !

We just have to congratulate her and wish her a very happy birthday!


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