Iris Mittenaere back in Paris, she finds Miss Camille Cerf!


Back in Paris, Iris Mittenaere has just immortalized her reunion with her sidekick Camille Cerf via her social networks!

The confinement to the mountain of Iris Mittenaere has just ended … Back in Paris, the pretty brunette was even able to find her friend and beauty queen Camille Cerf during an interview.

Like many stars, Iris Mittenaere is very active on the Web! Keen on fashion, the young woman very often inspires her subscribers with her looks of the moment.

And the pretty brunette knows exactly what suits her. She rarely makes a fashion faux pas!

As a true businesswoman, Iris Mittenaere is multiplying partnerships with the biggest labels. Via Instagram, she enjoys revealing behind the scenes of her many shootings.

Lately, the star therefore decided to go into exile in the mountains to spend this new period of outdoor confinement. With her darling Diego El Glaoui, she seems to have taken full advantage of this little break in the countryside.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end! Last I heard, Iris Mittenaere made her big comeback in Paris. She also shared her reunion with Camille Cerf via her Instagram story.


As you can see, Iris Mittenaere has just teased a mysterious project with her sidekick. Obviously, the two young women seem to give an exclusive interview to our colleagues at Gala.

Smiling and radiant, their complicity is a pleasure to see! If the pretty brunette did tag the media, she refused to reveal more. “Back in Paris for several shoots,” wrote the sweetheart of Diego El Glaoui under his post.

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There is no doubt that its publication must have intrigued its subscribers … In any case, it will be necessary to be patient to find out more. To be continued !


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