Iris Mittenaere asks her fans for help on vacation!


Iris Mittenaere is having a good time in Marrakech! But the Miss also needs her fans: she is looking for a pig and is counting on a little help!

Hard, the holidays in Marrakech! Indeed, after his return from Saint-Martin, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui needed a little rest… Head to Morocco, but not just anyhow!

Because with all these trips, and Miss France in the meantime, the model has less time to play sports … While she had managed to strengthen her body even more during the first confinement!

Miss France 2016 made regular lives to lead her fans in her wake. She motivated them, she gave herself … But this time, it’s Iris Mittenaere asking her fans for help!

Arrived in Marrakech, she therefore asks for help: with Diego, they want to get back to sport … And therefore looking for a coach. She therefore asks if her fans “know a home coach in Marrakech”.

This story call for help will no doubt find an answer, in the midst of Iris Mittenaere’s 2.5 million subscribers … Because the Miss looks motivated: she absolutely wants someone to come and train her!


“Eating is good, but being active is good too”, explains Miss France 2016. It must also be said that she has not stopped since the end of the first confinement! She has thus crossed the planet several times.

First invited to the Maldives, she tested hotels on the other side of the planet before returning to France … Then Iris Mittenaere also traveled to the Alps, to Saint-Martin …

In the meantime, she also had to preside over the 100th Miss France contest, on her return from Saint-Martin. After all these emotions, it was therefore necessary to join Morocco for a little rest: Marrakech, here it is!

With Diego, they will therefore take a little rest… But not only: a little sport would make them happy. So Iris Mittenaere is counting on her fans to give her a hand!


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