Iris Mittenaere announced the dressing room and pleased!


In the story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere recalls that her dressing room is open for all fans who want it.

Rather than throwing away the clothes she no longer wants, Iris Mittenaere wants to give them to her subscribers. She opens her dressing room to them!

In winter, the days get shorter. Night falls earlier. At a time when the pandemic is gaining more and more ground, it is (almost) impossible to escape from France. No one can fly to a warmer, sunnier destination.

Much to Iris Mittenaere’s dismay. Passionate about travel, the former Miss Universe and Miss France 2016 would dream of basking on the pill in one of the hottest countries. But we must believe that the context of the health crisis prevents it.

So, the beauty queen must take her trouble patiently. To kill time, Diego El Glaoui’s girlfriend kills herself. Indeed, the host of Chérie Lunch on Chérie FM works very hard.

But you have to believe that she is bored anyway in her spare time. So, we might as well link the useful with the pleasant! At home, Iris Mittenaere has just found one of the least exciting, but most important, activity: emptying and sorting out her closet.


However, Iris Mittenaere does not want to throw away her clothes. It is out of the question not to recycle them. Better not to give them a second life with a new person.

So, Kenza SMG’s sister-in-law – who has just given birth to her first child – had an idea: to open her wardrobe to her millions of subscribers. And the least we can say is that they are all as excited as her!

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So, Iris Mittenaere is organizing a huge storage room this Friday, November 20, from 6 p.m. An event that she never fails to remind her fans in her Instagram story. She can’t wait!


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