Iris Mittenaere announced its good resolution in 2021!


Iris Mittenaere wants to start the year 2021. The starlet made an important resolution and revealed it on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere has many plans in mind for this year 2021. The star made a resolution that she seems to have already kept on Instagram.

Iris Mittenaere has started the year very well. Miss France 2016 celebrated the end of the year in Morocco with her sweetheart, Diego. She seemed a little sad at first not to have Christmas with her family, under the snow.

Still, she loved her stay and made fans dream with her many photos under the sun. So you could find her in dreamy settings and in her beautiful summer outfits. Besides, she had New Years in this heavenly place.

Everything seems to be going well for Iris Mittenaere. The 27-year-old star has the perfect love affair with Diego and seems to have some plans with him. Indeed, she will soon be moving and shows some pictures of her apartment under construction.

The starlet has recently returned to Paris. Like many people, she made some New Year’s resolutions. In fact, she opened up about it on Instagram.


Iris Mittenaere has made some resolutions for the year 2021 and intends to stick to them. In fact, she just made one of his wishes come true. The starlet appears to have some trouble sleeping and needed to change the mattress.

So she didn’t wait very long to buy a really good mattress for her queen-size bed. She is very proud of her purchase and didn’t hesitate to share it on the social network. In fact, she is already looking forward to testing it and giving feedback to her fans.

“I’m going to test this tonight and I’ll tell you tomorrow morning how my night went,” she wrote on Instagram. So fans will be eager to learn more about his famous miracle mattress.

Iris Mittenaere has yet to release her other resolutions. In any case, she seems to want to stick to it and we suspect that she will tell her subscribers a little more about it in the coming weeks.


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