Iris Mittenaere and Diego in Marrakech!


In Story of her Instagram account, Iris Mittenaere shared videos where she showed that she was spending the holidays in Marrakech with Diego!

Iris Mittenaere will have had a pretty busy end to the year. Indeed, only a few days ago, she took advantage of a few days of vacation in Saint Martin with her darling Diego. But that’s not all.

Iris Mittenaere had to return to France to ensure the show during the 100th edition of Miss France. During this evening, she was unanimous with her outfits, each more beautiful than the next.

Iris Mittenaere was staying at Puy du Fou with former Miss France as her best friend Camille Cerf. Now she has left France for a new dream destination. This is Marrakech.

This Sunday, December 20, the former Miss France also shared several Story videos from her Instagram account. First, she unveiled a sublime and very bright place with oriental decorations.


In the caption of her Instagram video, Iris Mittenaere also wrote: “Guess where my babouche took me for the holiday season? “. And it is in Marrakech that the two lovebirds left their suitcases for a few days.

As always, the young woman reveals photos or videos of her vacation to her fans. They can therefore travel a bit thanks to the pretty blonde’s social networks.

Both therefore enjoy the warmth and beauty of Marrakech. However, some still wonder if the former Miss Universe will be back in France to spend the holiday season with her family.

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Very close to his mother or even to Diego El Glaoui’s sister, Iris Mittenaere may well return just before Christmas. It will take patience to find out more. To be continued!


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