Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui help their fans find love!


Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui are getting ready to play matchmakers for Valentine’s Day! Quickly discover all the information!

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui are preparing a nice surprise for their single fans! Indeed, they organized a very special speed dating this Sunday!

It’s no secret that Iris Mittenaere is very close to her fans! Indeed, the bombshell loves to exchange with its subscribers on social networks. And the latter spends hours responding to Internet users!

Diego El Glaoui’s sweetheart is hugely successful on Instagram. More and more fans are joining her to follow her daily adventures!

Iris Mittenaere therefore gives her all to entertain her followers, especially in this complicated period! Contests, frequently asked questions, sports sessions or even cooking tutorials … the influencer never lacks inspiration!

Yesterday, the former Miss announced a nice surprise to her fans. Indeed, the young woman has imagined a very special speed dating for Valentine’s Day!

Iris Mittenaere wants to help her followers find love. And for that, the star did not hesitate to call on her darling Diego El Glaoui for help!

Indeed, the famous couple are about to play matchmakers live on Chérie FM. A news that may well please singles!


Iris Mittenaere announced the good news via her Instagram story. She explains: “Sunday night, on darling FM and on Instagram. Prepare for a Love night! We help you find true love! “.

The top unveils the program of this exceptional evening: “We will broadcast your worst dates, the most beautiful statement … Full of surprises and guests! Great love is coming! “. Something to please listeners in need of love!

But that’s not all ! Iris Mittenaere also called on Diego El Glaoui to help him in this love mission. She admits, “Diego will be the reassuring shoulder that guys (or girls) can count on!”

Like what, the famous couple did not hesitate to sacrifice their Valentine’s Day evening for their fans. And their speed dating is likely to be a great success!

Iris Mittenaere has also planned to receive many guests like Lola Dubini or Bastos live. No doubt: the bomb has seen the big picture for his show!

Diego’s sweetheart can’t wait to experience this new adventure. She says: “Too anxious to spend this Valentine’s Day with you, and to find you love in kindness and good humor! “.

So, is the pretty brunette going to witness the birth of a pretty love story? To be continued! Anyway, the It girl was unanimous with this pretty initiative!


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