Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui avoided an accident!


On social networks, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui explained to their fans that they had narrowly avoided a crash in Courchevel!

A few days ago, Iris Mittenaere had a dream holiday with her darling Diego El Glaoui. In contrast, the two avoided a terrible tragedy. They narrowly escaped a plane crash in Courchevel.

On Tuesday 9 February, a terrible plane crash took place in Courchevel. Two people unfortunately died in this accident while three others were injured. Iris Mittenaere fans were very scared for her.

Those who follow Iris Mittenaere know that she spent the holidays in Courchevel with her darling Diego El Glaoui. But that’s not all. The two took a helicopter to tour the luxurious resort.

It took no less for some to worry about them. Several fans have messaged the two to see if everything is okay. The influencer then spoke in Story on his Instagram account.

Diego El Glaoui said: “We have received many messages from relatives, friends or benevolent followers asking if everything is going well for Iris and me. We were not in the crashed device. ”

Darling Iris Mittenaere said, “We almost crossed paths because we took off shortly before them. It is sometimes a harsh reminder that sometimes life hangs by a thread, by bad luck. ”


He also concluded: “And there are some things that you cannot master.” For her part, Iris Mittenaere raged against a media that used the story for the buzz.

The media headlined: “Helicopter crash in Courchevel: Iris Mittenaere and her companion”. The beautiful then spoke. She swung, “A lot of you send me stuff like this that you find.”

The former Miss France also added: “I find it shameful … out of respect for the victims and their families. Out of respect for the people who called me in tears to see if I was okay. ”

The young woman concluded: “Ready for horrors for the buzz”. Fortunately, the two lovebirds very quickly put an end to these rumors. They told fans and their families that they were doing very well.

Now Iris Mittenaere is back in Paris. After this stay in Courchevel with Diego El Glaoui, she returned to France for her professional obligations. The pretty blonde is already planning some nice surprises for Valentine’s Day.

With Chérie FM radio, the former Miss France also has several ideas to please her fans. She plans to do a live to talk about love throughout the evening. One thing is certain, its subscribers are also eager!


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