Iris Mittenaere: Advice for fighting blues in winter!


Iris Mittenaere does not like to see her subscribers in the dark. So, she gives some advice so as not to fall into it.

It’s the same every winter. Everyone is a little depressed. Between the cold and the bad weather, it’s not easy to keep morale up every day. So, Iris Mittenaere gives her advice to fight against this seasonal phenomenon.

Already on this Sunday, what comforts our Miss are the cookies! She receives a huge box of cookies of all kinds. What better way to keep your spirits up than a good dose of sweets. In addition, this afternoon, it fell a few flakes.

Not so bad for a winter weekend. Then the young woman makes a beauty mask, apparently a ritual for her. So she asks her followers what they’re doing. And she receives a response that breaks her heart. Someone writes to him: “I’m depressed”.

Iris Mittenaere then bounces on this answer. She thus provided some advice for this somewhat sad subscriber. ” Oh no. Lots of answers like this. Take advantage of these last hours of rest to do something for yourself (bath, series, mask). And if you feel bad a little meditation session, yoga on Youtube. ”


It must be said that at the moment, it’s not easy to keep your spirits up every day. With the suspicions of a third lockdown, it is time for stress. Many Iris Mittenaere subscribers also ask the Miss to redo an anecdotes session.

Which makes him very happy! She accepts immediately for Wednesday evening. Plus, tomorrow is a special day for Iris Mittenaere, it’s her birthday! As a story, she explains that she has just realized that she will take another year tomorrow.

But in the end, the young woman is happy with her journey and what she has accomplished. So in the end, she’s pretty happy about it. Tomorrow we’ll see what has in store for her birthday! Surprises maybe?


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