Iris Mittenaere acted in the words of Diego El Glaoui!


For the 28 years of her darling Iris Mittenaere, Diego El Glaoui pulls out the big game and then makes her pen speak on Instagram!

As you probably know, Iris Mittenaere is celebrating her 28th birthday today. On Instagram, the handsome Diego El Glaoui sent an adorable message to the one who has shared her life for over a year.

Between Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui, it is crazy love. The 2 lovebirds love each other madly and therefore do not hesitate to show their happiness in the eyes of all.

Through their various social networks, they then share their sublime photos, their little moments of tenderness and their beautiful statements!

With them, Internet users do not have much time to be bored. Fans of the couple follow their crazy adventures en masse, in search of new nuggets.

And yet, there is plenty to do. As a result, the former Miss France and Universe has no less than 2.6 million subscribers on Instagram, the showcase of her best shots.

Just that ! It must be said that since her sacrament in 2016, the beauty queen has found her place in the hearts of the French. It’s simple, everyone loves it!

But the one who loves him the most is without a doubt Diego El Glaoui. He just sent a wonderful message to her sweetheart on the occasion of her 28th birthday.

Iris Mittenaere still can’t believe it!


You will no doubt understand, Iris Mittenaere is celebrating her 28th birthday today. The pretty brunette was born on January 25, 1993. Yes!

For the occasion, the one who has shared her life for more than a year then decided to mark the occasion. On Instagram, he therefore shared a series of photos in which we see them kissing.

There’s no question they still love each other just as much! But that’s not all … We also discover an adorable message, worthy of the most beautiful declarations.

“I promise to work so that each year that we leave behind strengthens our happiness a little more, until we forget the weight of age” we read in the caption of the post.

Diego El Glaoui then concludes with “together, we will be happy to grow old. Happy Birthday my love “. What a talent for writing!

Seduced and very moved by the message from her darling, Iris Mittenaere could not hide her emotion. She still can’t get over it!

“I love you my love … Thank you for putting some glitter in my life,” she replied in the comment space. For their part, Internet users have also reacted to the post of the handsome man.

They melt in the face of so much love! So we’ll let you take a look, but … Watch your eyes.


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