Irina Baeva condemned the reporter’s harassment


Irina Baeva is fulfilling one more goal in her career during her stay in New York. The beautiful Russian model and actress is studying film and English, sacrificing, among many other things, being next to her partner, Gabriel Soto.

However, her beauty and the fame that she has achieved to this day ends up being a reason to be besieged by her followers and the same press. It was precisely a reporter who was in charge of giving the Moscow-born a painful moment.

Baeva had a conflict with a paparazzi from a television show when she was doing her exercise routine in one of the most iconic places in the Big Apple: Central Park.

While sharing videos on her Instagram stories about the training she was doing, she took advantage of her networks to show her fans the moment when one of the communicators from “Suelta la Sopa”, a Telemundo program, harassed her.

The same actress asked the reporter to leave her alone, because she was only exercising her enviable physique.
Who recently starred in “Bachelor with Daughters”, said he tried to be cordial with the paparazzi, but he did not stop asking questions about Gabriel Soto that she did not want to answer at the time.

“We already have people here just trying to ask him to leave, but he won’t go away and he won’t leave me alone.

“How angry that I can’t be calm exercising and I have a‘ Drop the Soup ’reporter chasing me all over Central Park trying to get me an interview, it’s really not right.”

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