Irene’s natural beauty makes her the most beautiful idol


Red Velvet’s leader’s incredible look makes her shine even without makeup, that’s why she took number 1 in beauty.

Each group includes members who stand out for some particular trait: their specialty in dance, their vocal strength or even their visuality, but Irene has all that and more.

The Red Velvet leader has received a lot of love for her charisma and talent, but we can’t put aside the shower of compliments for her beauty. Irene adapts perfectly to different styles, since although she looks great with a youthful look, her elegance and good bearing makes her shine at gala events.

Recently, Irene became the most beautiful idol for Japanese fans, who voted to choose the Korean and Japanese singers they consider to be the most beautiful.

The survey included the opinions of women in their 20s and the result revealed Irene as the first place winner.

The SM Entertainment idol lives up to her ‘Visual Original‘ line within Psycho , as the idol looks amazing even when her face is free of cosmetics and shows a natural image.

Here are some moments that show the beauty of this Red Velvet member who has conquered fans and even multiple brands who want her as their image. Swipe each one to see more details of her incredible look.


Irene’s image during rehearsals and practices may not be as glamorous as the one she shows on stage, but it is certainly a sign of her charm and beauty.


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The idol’s causal outings are also a perfect opportunity to admire her fashion sense and authentic beauty.


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A walk in the field also motivated the leader of Red Velvet to wear a fresh style where the naturalness in her face was key.


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┬áIf you like Irene’s look with light makeup then we invite you to know how the Red Velvet girls look with their natural face.


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