Irene and Seulgi’s MV for Monster is postponed again


Irene and Seulgi counted down for the Monster premiere, but the video was not posted. Red Velvet’s first sub unit has just released their first record material, however the video for this tune was not released .

The debut of Irene and Seulgi as the first sub unit Red Velvet think great interest from fans of the girl group from SM Entertainment, especially after the social networks of these girls share some images and teasers video for their title track .

The premiere of the MV was scheduled for 6:00 p.m. in Korean time, so Irene and Seulgi met their fans in advance in a V Live broadcast, where the girls were able to share a little of what that they prepared for this launch.

With great excitement, the duo counted down to the opening hours of their music video and then ended the broadcast so that the REVELUVs could go to YouTube and enjoy the Monster clip .

However, the minutes and hours continued to progress but the music video was not shared. Subsequently, the Red Velvet Twitter account published an apology for the inconveniences and announced that the Monster MV would be postponed , so the release date will be on July 7 during noon in Korean time.

Although SM Entertainment did not explain the reasons for this delay , some fans believe it is because some of the scenes shot for the video were deemed inappropriate by the entertainment agency.

This isn’t the first time that SM Entertainment has delayed plans for the Irene and Seulgi sub-unit, as the duo originally planned to debut in June and the company noted that the release of their record material would be delayed until first days of July.

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