Irene and Seulgi reveal mysterious teasers for Monster


Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi continue to share previews of their debut album ‘Monster’. The subunit of Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi revealed teasers pictures and video of their first mini album ‘Monster’.

Irene and Seulgi have shared with fans some preview of their debut as a duo, the Red Velvet singers continue to amaze their followers by the clips and photos for the album ‘ Monster ‘.

Social networks grouping of K-pop constantly postean the disturbing video that complement the concept of her comeback on Twitter clip was published less than 3 seconds where the shadows of hands are seen with the caption:

Guess who

The video of Seulgi and Irene from Red Velvet already has more than 26 thousand likes and 10,000 retweets, in the comment box the followers of the idols of SM Entertainment reveal their excitement to see the interpreters of ‘ Bad Boy ‘.

On the other hand, on the Instagram of SM Town and on that of Red Velvet , teaser images were shared for the premiere of the record material ‘ Monster ‘, these images show Seulgi and Irene with different looks.

In the most recent photos, Seulgi wears a more mature look in dark colors and heavy makeup, while Irene wears a more dramatic outfit with natural makeup, but the protagonists are her lips.

The post on Instagram received all the love of Internet users, since it already has more than 391 thousand likes and in the comments ReVeluv expressed her admiration for the creative and musical work of the idols.

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Irene and Seulgi release elegant new teasers for their debut album monster

‘Monster’, the first mini album by the Red Velvet subunit – Irene & Seulgi will be released on July 6 , all the songs from the idols CD will be available on all digital platforms.

Another SM group that will be making their second comeback very soon is EXO-SC, the idols recently shared the first teaser photos of their album ‘1 Billion Views where it shows a retro style, Chanyeol and Sehun will soon return to the stage.


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