Irene and Seulgi release the first teaser for Monster


Irene and Seulgi release the first teaser for Monster. Monster will be the song that Irene and Seulgi will promote for their debut as a sub unit.

The debut of Irene and Seulgi as sub unit is getting closer and to anticipate their next release, the girls have released the first teaser for the music video of Monster .

During this short 18-second clip, Irene and Seulgi wear black outfits and are accompanied by a group of dancers, so we can see them present part of the choreography for their first promotional single.

The song includes sound effects that indicate the electronic influence that will be part of this record material.

In addition, the teaser presents different recording sets that we will see during the video, all of them are colorful and include light sets that create a mesmerizing setting.

On the other hand, Red Velvet’s social networks shared new photographs of these girls that give us more clues about the concept they will be presenting.

The music video Monster and the first album of Irene and Seulgi as sub unit will be available from next July 6.

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Before releasing this teaser on video, the Red Velvet girls had already surprised their fans with some mysterious posts about their debut as a duo .

Watch the teaser for the MV of Monster below:


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