Irene and Seulgi become the most visual couple in K-pop

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - MAY 17: Red Velvet attends LGP collection launch event held at Lotte Department Store's LONGCHAMP store in Jung-gu, Seoul on May 17, 2019 in Seoul, South Korea.(Photo by JTBC PLUS/Imazins via Getty Images)

The Red Velvet members debuted with the group’s first sub-unit, but in addition to fusing their talents, their great chemistry makes them unique.

Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi were rated as the most visual couple in K-pop. The girls have great chemistry, friendship, and make the perfect match for the Korean beauty. They are the best friends you want to have.

The K-pop group agency SM Entertainment could surprise with a new group Reveluv comeback this 2021 to celebrate its seventh anniversary. The first musical project of the year will be by Wendy , who after her return will make her solo debut next April.

Red Velvet’s success is not only limited to music, they also succeed in the world of fashion, cinema, drama, and beauty. Recently, a visuality ranking was carried outAmong K-pop groups, Seulgi and Irene were considered the most powerful couple.

The girls made their solo debut a year ago, their promotional single was “Monster” and they managed to demonstrate the power of their voice, rap and dance with a feminine, elegant and sensual style. Their chemistry made them a successful music duo, but also an example of best friends sharing the same dream.


We know that you and your best friend often share thousands of things, such as secret greetings, language that only you understand, as well as storing thousands of memories of your childhood or school time.

Irene and Seulgi have been doing it too from their days as trainees, their rehearsals for Red Velvet, and their time together as roommates. But in addition to having great chemistry, the two girls are an example of friendship and beauty by being chosen as the most visual duo of K-pop girl groups.

Their beauty , features and the harmony of both make them the perfect match for Korean beauty. They were also chosen as the second most visual coupleof all K-pop. Her fair complexion, her eyes, and her personality complement their physical attractiveness between them.

In addition to their friendship and details of their great friendship with each other, the Red Velvet girls also keep many curiosities. Discover the real heights of each of the members.



With their first duet work, Irene and Seulgi shared a great moment in their music career. Both managed to win with their debut of “Monster”. The girls celebrated their victories, even showing fans the fanchant of the song. Their chemistry and talent made them a successful musical couple.


It seems that the idols know each other very well and are really close. So much so that Irene even imitates Seulgi, from her features and way of speaking, showing that there is great trust and familiarity between them. They identify each other so well.


Irene and Seulgi never hesitate to show their affection. They always hug or have affectionate gestures with each other. Reveluv loves their interactions as they are both really close and their friendship has made them have great chemistry.


Irene and Seulgi always try to be close to each other during their career moments. Behind the scenes they always show support and stick together like best friends.



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