Iranian Women Learning to Code Ethereum


ConsenSys, part of the Ethereum ecosystem, is providing scholarships to Iranian women to enable Ethereum-based coding. Scholarship women can participate in a special education program for the Solidity language.

ConsenSys moved its course to train new Ethereum developers to Iran. Founded by Ethereum founder Joseph Lubin, the company began offering scholarships to Iranian women.

They are learning to use solidity

ConsenSys Academy offers a course called Developer Program Bootcamp for those who want to become blockchain experts. Participants take classes for at least ten weeks to learn Solidity, Ethereum’s own programming language. The cost of the course is $ 985.

Scholarships started to be given to Iranian women to learn how to code Ethereum. According to CoinDesk’s report, seven women successfully completed the course. The foundation of the project was laid in cooperation with ConsenSys, Women in Blockchain and CoinIran.

New job opportunities arise

Women who complete the course can use smart contract technology and develop new applications. This expertise gained in the blockchain space gives them new business opportunities. One of the names who took this opportunity was Sahar Rahbari, 38.

Rahbari, a mother of two, worked and sold agricultural produce in Yasoui. Rahbari successfully completed the ConsenSys course in 2020 and started working freelance on blockchain projects in Iran. Expressing that there are not many job opportunities in Iran, Rahbari said the following about his overseas projects:

“We can receive payments in cryptocurrency for jobs coming from abroad. That’s the best part of this job. We are in a bad political situation in Iran. I cannot transfer money abroad. But with crypto money, small amounts of transactions can be made. This is one of the reasons I chose this field. ”

Women in Iran constitute 70 percent of the graduates of science, technology, engineering and mathematics at universities. Local organizations that encourage some of these women to become blockchain experts want to train more people on smart contracting over time.


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