IPTV: Claro to sell paid TV for video applications


Claro fought and fought because it didn’t want Fox to sell access to its channels via the internet. After interventions by Anatel, the company was released to sell Fox Play. And now the operator is surprising with the preparations for the launch of its own IPTV service.

According to Tecnoblog, the company will start selling a service called Claro Streaming Box. It will be a great streaming portal that will have open channels, entertainment and sports to be sold in a way that is not linked to the company’s internet and pay TV services.

The novelty should include Telecine Play, HBO Go, Looke, Paramount Plus, Fox Premium, Premiere Play, Watch ESPN, Philos and others, and the price for accessing the service – not yet revealed – will include a set-up box provided in lending.

Everything suggests that each of these platforms within Claro Streaming Box will be an add-on, and therefore the price should vary according to the consumer’s taste. A detail revealed by the service manual is that those who already have access to any of these platforms will need to make a new subscription to use them in the Claro service …

Each contract will allow the use of only one physical equipment by the user. A number of details are missing, such as the possibility of using the service through applications for smartphones or the web, such as Net Now.

Without information about the release date of this novelty, details of the hardware have already surfaced: the equipment will have 2 GB of RAM, 4 GB of internal storage, support for Bluetooth 4.2, 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, and USB 2.0 and HDMI connections 2.0, supporting Ultra HD resolution.

It is worth remembering that anyone who is a Claro NET or Claro TV customer can now access more than 40 live channels through Now. The detail here is that this service, although very complete, is restricted to users of the company’s pay TV service, bond that the company seems to want to undo with the Claro Streaming Box, soon.


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