Ipiranga gas station application has been updated


Ipiranga officially started making available this week through the app stores for Android (Play Store) and iOS (App Store) the newest version of its “Abastece Aí” app, which arrives with news that promise to please customers of the company’s service stations.

According to the advertising piece that began to be broadcast yesterday, the new application now offers not only the possibility of supplying at Ipiranga Stations, but also purchasing products, services and benefits, which includes cashback on purchases of products ranging from supply to items sold at convenience stores, in addition to other items.

According to Francisco Lucio Moraes, Executive Marketing Manager at Ipiranga, the idea of ​​the campaign broadcast on the internet and TV has the main intention of demonstrating the news and thus stimulating in a light and good-natured way that the benefits linked to it are known.

“The aim of the campaign is to communicate to people that the new Abastece Aí has ​​evolved and brings even more advantages and benefits. Now there is cashback, which people earn when filling at the Ipiranga gas station to be used in a wide range of products and services, such as when shopping at AmPm, at Jet Oil, or even when shopping over the internet with Km de Vantagens partners. The play brings this evolution, of course, in a light and good-natured way, the way Ipiranga communicates with people ”, completes the executive.

Those interested in installing the new Abastece there can now perform the installation through official stores (card below) or, checking for updates if you already have the same installed on your device.


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