iPhones will not receive new Fortnite season


The legal and media dispute between Apple and Epic Games has gained a new chapter that harms the gambling of those who have a device with iOS or macOS. As of this Thursday (27), anyone who plays the phenomenon of battle royales on these devices will be without content updates or disputes involving people from other platforms.

The information was confirmed by Epic Games itself in an update to the question-and-answer section on the #FreeFortnite campaign. “Apple is blocking Fortnite updates and new installations on the App Store and has said that it will end our ability to develop Fortnite for Apple devices. As a result, the latest Fortnite update, Chapter 2: Season 4 (v.14.00), will not be released on iOS or macOS on August 27, “says the text.

The new Battle Pass has been revealed and includes content in partnership with Marvel.

Thus, Fortnite has two universes. The first is the official one, with new content arriving at all times on platforms such as Android, Windows and via the web.

The second is that of Apple devices, which will be “stuck” in time with the contents of Chapter 2: Season 3 – and the Battle Pass for that period will also be closed. Players will only be able to play matches between themselves, as in other operating systems the content will be different.

Remember the fight

In a nutshell, the dispute between Epic Games and Apple involves disagreements over the form of microtransactions in the game, which must respect the App Store policies and involves a 30% fee. The complaint, however, turned into a major crisis (and a marketing campaign) involving even the Unreal engine, and resulted in a lawsuit against the iOS owner and a similar court order against Google.

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