iPhone’s Will Have Their Own 5G Antenna in 2023


iPhone: One of the things that Apple has flaunted with its new iPhones has been the integration of 5G. And it is that having the most top in telecommunications is something to be proud of in these times, although in the Cupertino house they have their own plans. We mean by this that Apple could be working on its own 5G antenna so as not to depend on third parties in the not too distant future.

Apple will have its own 5G antenna

Tim Cook’s company is at a time when he has opted for component innovation. We have seen it recently with the new M1 chip, which has placed it in two worlds that seemed very different. Little by little the company is finding a way to be independent at all levels and it is hardware that is now under development.

The company’s capabilities seem to have no limit and its new field of development could be in telecommunications antennas. And it is that for the development of its A14 Bionic chip of the iPhone 12 it had the support of Qualcomm and its Snapdragon X55 modem, and this seems to continue until 2023. At least that is what the Chinese analyst Mingh-Chi Kuo tells , who claims that it will be then when Apple will put its own 5G antennas on the iPhone.

At least that’s what Engadget has to say about the leaked report saying “iPhone will adopt Apple’s own-designed 5G baseband chips in 2023 at the earliest.” Furthermore, “as Android sales in the high-end 5G phone market are slow, Qualcomm will be forced to compete for more orders in the low-end market to make up for Apple’s lost orders”

A prediction from Ming-Chi Kuo

As we told you, that Apple has its own 5G antennas is a prediction for now. Kuo has been characterized by being correct in the predictions that he makes about Apple products, so we cannot ignore that it is a prediction. It may not be unreasonable that the bitten apple has those antennas ready by 2023, but it all depends on the Californian company and the capacity it has to develop these chips.


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