iPhones Reportedly Were Hacked By Two Israeli Companies In 2021


iPhones: Two Israeli security companies have identified a vulnerability in Apple’s software that allows them to remotely hack iPhones. According to Reuters, in addition to the NSO Group, internal sources reported that another company would have taken advantage of the opening in Apple’s system in 2021: QuaDream. Like the creator of the spyware Pegasus, the other Israeli startup would also have created spy software that could be used by governments for spying.

According to the sources of the publication, the companies were able to access several iPhones remotely in the last year. Interestingly, they managed to abuse a vulnerability to break into Apple smartphones without the owner clicking a malicious link. This hacking technique is known as “zero-click”, showing that cell phones can be much more vulnerable to digital eavesdropping.

Experts who analyzed the intrusions explain that NSO Group and QuaDream used known exploits (code that takes advantage of software vulnerabilities), such as ForcedEntry, to hijack iPhones. Companies have identified hidden flaws in Apple’s instant messaging platform as a basis for deploying intrusion software on selected devices.

“People want to believe they’re safe, and phone companies want you to believe they’re safe. What we’ve learned is that they’re not,” said Dave Aitel, a partner at Cordyceps Systems, a cybersecurity firm. Apple declined to comment on QuaDream or the vulnerability.