iPhones or Macs May Count on 3nm Chips by 2022


Apple: A preview of an article to be published by the newspaper DigiTimes this Wednesday (11) indicates that, in 2022, iPhones or Macs may have 3nm chips, according to MacRumors. According to the vehicle, TSMC, Apple’s supplier, plans to start mass production of processors with the architecture in the second half of next year and send them to the Apple company.

Currently, big tech already uses the smallest component in the market, the 5 nm component, present in the iPhone 12. 4nm chips, also from TSMC, supposedly to be integrated into Macs and iPhones, despite not estimating announcement dates.

Anyway, if confirmed the rumors, the giant would skip the adoption of 4 nm chips in some of its equipment. In this case, the Nikkei website, last month, bet that the news would come, first, to iPads (probably Pro version).

Improved performance

Compared to “older” approaches, the 3nm architecture would offer improved performance and greater energy efficiency to the devices it was a part of, as reducing gaps between transistors on a chip generally results in a more efficient design.

Still, it remains to wait more details about the venture – which, currently, is nothing more than “gossip” until Apple officially reveals its strategies.


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