iPhone with two chips! Google Fi begins to release eSIM support on iOS devices in the U.S.


IPhone users using Google Fi, the mobile operator of the US search giant, have been reporting since yesterday that the company has started releasing support for the eSIM protocol on Apple devices. Previously exclusive to Pixel phones, the technology uses components of the device itself to connect to mobile networks.

The novelty seems to be being made available as of version 2.5 of the operator’s application, which had in its update notes a reference to the activation of eSIM on selected iPhones.

The feature has not been officially released, but Google Fi customers who uninstall and reinstall the app report receiving a message to activate the digital chip. According to the notification, Apple device owners can leave the SIM slot free and make the device dual-SIM by activating the function.

The official documentation of the service further states that only new users will have access to the digital chip, and was updated last month indicating support for iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the new iPhone 11 family. activation procedure is simplified and does not require uninstalling the application to work when it is officially launched.

It is worth remembering that several details of the iPhone 12 have been revealed in recent days. Information indicates that the Apple must abandon the LCD instead to embrace the OLED in its new devices. The frontal utilization should improve considerably, besides having a reduction in the size of the notch.

In addition, an image released today shows what may be the motherboard of one of the devices in the line. The component features an L-shape, something that was last seen on the iPhone 8 and the latest iPhone SE.


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