IPhone tricks: How To Hide Notifications On The Mobile Lock Screen


IPhone: What if WhatsApp messages, iMessages, Twitter, what if emails, delivery notice of something you bought, bank notices … Every day, the screen of your iPhone is abuzz with notification activity. And also the lock screen if you have them activated so that they can be seen there as well. But you may need a little time for yourself, a little peace, and although you keep your mobile connected to the Internet, you do not want to see the notices reflected on the lock screen.

Can anything be done? Yes, turn off these notices so they don’t appear on the lock screen. And there are two ways:

Through the lock screen itself

This method is used to hide the notifications on your lock screen of an application that you want not to appear. For example, hiding email notifications will not make your iPhone hide notifications from text messages such as WhatsApp or Telegram, but you will have to do the process app after app.

Look at the lock screen and find the notification for that specific app that you want to hide
Swipe left with your finger on the app notice
This gesture will open a pop-up menu with various options. You must click Manage / Manage
Among the options that will appear, choose the first one, Notify silently
When activated, the messages that come to you from that app will appear in the iOS notification center, but not on the iPhone’s lock screen, nor will you hear any sound or see a counter on the app icon.


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