iPhone: Security breach allowed journalists to spy!


Big bad buzz for iPhone! A bug at Apple made it possible to spy on information in the phones of certain journalists … Ouch ouch ouch!

Freedom of the press has therefore taken a big hit! A virus created in Israel would indeed have made it possible to spy on Al Jazeera journalists if they had iPhones … A scandal is therefore in sight!

Because it all starts with a doubt. Tamer Almisshal, journalist at Al Jazeera, decides to go see Citizen Lab … when some of his information seems corrupt. He therefore doubts the integrity of his smartphone …

And surprise, his iPhone has a problem: a virus allows you to know everything about him! His microphone, his photos, his passwords: everything is within the reach of those who implanted the virus.

It remains to know who, and to move up the chain. Citizen Lab therefore begins to trace the leads to the company that created the malware. It is in Israel … And has sold it to other countries too!

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates therefore had access to this virus, managed by NSO hackers … According to The Guardian, the virus would have affected the phones of quite a few journalists!


In all, the Saudi government is said to have infected 36 phones of Al Jazeera journalists … which makes, in all, 18 journalists whose information was no longer at all secret!

A real disaster for press freedom, denounced by Citizen Lab … For their part, the United Arab Emirates have infected 15 iPhones of national journalists. But NSO hackers are fighting back!

They explain that the program can infect any phone with a version prior to iOS 14 without leaving any trace … But it was intended to target criminals.

The governments of the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are therefore in the crosshairs. Accused of having hacked iPhones for their own ends, they would have violated the freedom of the press and sources.


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