iPhone SE 3: Concept Imagine Cell Phone That Seeks To Have Everything Fans Want


While Apple still reaps the fruits of the latest iPhone 13/13 Pro family, a new concept has emerged to imagine what a possible iPhone SE 3 would look like, with features intended to please fans.


The creation came from the ConceptsiPhone YouTube channel. The author sought to highlight what fans want to see in the next model in the Cupertino giant’s more modest lineup. Check out the following video:

As you can see in the player above, the iPhone SE 3 for 2022 concept establishes a virtually borderless screen design and the front camera in a hole-shaped notch.

Also, the Touch ID could be moved to the power button, as there would no longer be a physical Home button. At the rear, there will only be a popped camera module, present on a spine that would still house the LED flash.

To complete, the author’s idea projects a total of six color options for this device: green, salmon pink, lavender, cream, light blue and black.

It is important to note that there is no confirmation of a future release in the next year of the sequel to the iPhone SE line. Also, concepts are not official images and only portray how a product is imagined by enthusiasts.

For you, does this concept really display everything the fans want? What would you most want in a future iPhone SE 3? Give us your opinion in the space below!


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