iPhone SE 2020s will now be produced in different places!


Although almost all of Apple products contain the phrase Made in China, efforts continue for a long time to move production to different countries. One of these countries is India, where iPhone production is carried out partially.

India added to iPhone SE 2020 production sites!

iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 are some of the models produced in India so far. The rumors that surfaced in June were that the iPhone SE 2020 will also be produced in India.

These rumors came true and the first reports of the start of production were shared. In this context, iPhone SE 2020s produced in India will take their place in stores soon. As you can imagine, most of the production continues to be carried out in China.

Phone manufacturers operating in India must pay an import tax of 20 percent. However, the realization of the production in the country eliminates the obligation to pay this tax. In this context, iPhone SE 2020 prices in the country are expected to decrease in the near future.

While reports continue to emerge that production in China will be completely shifted to India, it is claimed that iPhone 12 production will begin in India in mid-2021.

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