IPhone sales in China have increased: It surprises!


The tension between China and the USA had necessarily affected Apple. For this reason, Apple’s strategy in the Chinese market was not to be affected by this tension. The smartphone industry has been one of the areas most affected by the corona virus outbreak. People moved away from the tendency to buy new phones and continued to use their existing phones. As such, large companies such as Apple started to create some campaigns on a country basis. At this point, Apple’s iPhone sales in China were announced: There is an increase!

IPhone sales increase in China

Apple has gained a significant momentum especially with the discounts it made in the Chinese market. The US-based technology giant has increased its iPhone, which sold 4 million units in the first three months of this year, to 13 million in June. iPhone sales have shown a strong performance, especially in China, over the past three months.

It is said that the biggest reason for increasing Apple sales volume by 225 percent is “iPhone discounts”. According to the Counterpoint report, besides the popularity Apple has achieved with the iPhone 11 series, price reductions have led to a 32 percent growth throughout the year. The iPhone SE 2020 model was one of the three best-selling iPhones in China last quarter.

According to the latest data released by the company, Apple’s total sales in China are shown as $ 9.46 billion. While there is a 22 percent drop in smartphone sales in China, the momentum Apple has achieved with discounts is remarkable.

Research firm CINNO estimates that smartphone sales in China reached 94 million units in June

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