IPhone project from Apple that can repair itself!


Apple took action on behalf of foldable iPhone models and managed to get a patent for these models. Knowing that the Samsung and Huawei duo are entering the foldable phone industry, the US-based company does not want to miss the opportunities in this sector.

When we examine the patent images, we see that Apple wants to repair iPhone models whose screen is damaged by a hard impact with a different mechanism. This repair will be done by the iPhone itself.

Apple rolls up sleeves for foldable iPhone models

Apple, who has been working on this project for 5 years, announced that it has pressed the button to produce a hinge that allows new iPhone devices to bend and flex. In order for these models not to be damaged during bending, screen coatings with a soft base will be used.

Three different screen coatings will be produced. Two of them will have a fixed structure. The third screen layer will contain an elastic structure that connects these two fixed layers.

Katlanabilen iPhone modelleri

IPhones whose screen is scratched, the screen is slightly broken or the screen is cracked will be able to overcome such problems alone thanks to this design. Thus, iPhones will be able to repair themselves through the screen layers in their structure. Foldable iPhone models seem to attract attention.

These screen layers will be accompanied by a heat system or an electric current. There has not been a clear statement about this issue from the Apple front yet. Perhaps we can see that both systems are used in different iPhone models.

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Apple katlanabilen iPhone modelleri

Saying that the protective layers can also be mounted on a single screen, the US-based technology giant stated that these layers can be produced from a transparent glass or plastic. These layers can also be produced using sapphire or a thin transistor.

It is also among the information that the layers will have a structure that can be bent 180 degrees. Users will not be able to use all of these layers directly. Because at least 1 layer will undertake the duty of protection and repair. The other two layers can be touched. The situation can be the other way around: 2 restorative and protective layers, 1 touchable layer.

Do you think Apple will be successful with foldable iPhone models?


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