IPhone parts maker uses forced labor in China


Lens Technology, one of the oldest suppliers of parts for the iPhone, is being accused of using Muslim workers forcibly in its factories in China. The complaint was published by The Washington Post on Tuesday (29), based on an investigation by a human rights group.

The reports from the Tech Transparency Project, to which the vehicle had access, detail that thousands of Uighur Muslim minority workers were forced to work at the company, which also serves Tesla and Amazon, as well as Apple.

According to the documents, Uighurs sent by the Chinese government are forced to work for the company located in Xinjiang under conditions similar to those of prisoners. If they do not want to accept the offer, the other option given to them by the authorities is to go to detention centers compared to concentration camps, according to the group.

More companies based in the region, close to the border with Afghanistan and Pakistan, have also been accused of forced labor. According to the newspaper, there are more than 1 million Muslims in similar conditions in this part of western China, forced to work in factories of electronics, drinks, clothes and other types of products.

Apple denies accusations

Claiming to have “zero tolerance for forced labor,” Apple commented that it does surprise audits throughout its supply chain and revealed that it had ensured, at the beginning of the year, that none of its suppliers in Xinjiang would use government-transferred Uighur labor .

A few days ago, Apple had to deal with similar accusations at one of its suppliers in India, with iPhone production being halted after the facility was plundered by workers.

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The Chinese government has also spoken out, saying that Uighurs work at the factory at their own option, a claim contested by the Tech Transparency Project. Lens Technology did not comment on the complaints.


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