iPhone: Navigo is coming to the famous smartphone?

Big change for Parisian iPhone users: the Navigo pass could soon be found on the smartphone! Android users have had this luck for quite some time. But not them from iOS … The iPhone could finally have the app to use as a Navigo pass on transport!

While they had to negotiate to reach an agreement, the three parties are said to be getting through… Because the Region was not happy. No more than the RATP. But the giant Apple remained inflexible!

He wanted to earn money if the Navigo pass went paperless. The purchase and use of tickets via iPhone would thus have brought in money for the Apple brand … Except that RATP refused.

The Parisian transport company refuses all the more since it has already negotiated with Samsung for a Navigo pass on Android … and the South Korean brand has not tried to earn money!

The discussion therefore stalled for a long time before an iPhone app was imaginable. But Valérie Pécresse showed her annoyance. According to Le Parisien, everyone would have tried to get along.


If the terms of a possible deal or the app’s release date haven’t filtered out, iOS users may have access to the Navigo pass. And also to recharging tickets on their smartphone.

Good news, but not yet complete. Because for that an app must exist on iPhone. The second problem comes. RATP wants its app, when Apple wants it to go through its brand …

In other words, there are still details to be worked out about who will manage the RATP app on iOS. But the negotiations seem to be on the right track. But a path not good enough to hope to return on time.

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The Region hoped to have an iPhone app before February 2021. The deadline seems a bit short, but the story should end. Soon, users will use their phone as a Navigo pass!



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