iPhone In Edisto River is Still Working After 15 Months

YouTuber Michael Bennett in the United States found an iPhone in the waterproof case on the river Edisto. The iPhone remained in water for 15 months and continued to work after it was removed from the waterproof case.

YouTuber Michael Bennett of the United States found an iPhone in a waterproof case at the foot of the Edisto River in South Carolina. YouTuber posted a video of moments when he pulled the phone out of the river on YouTube earlier this week. The phone had been at the bottom of the Edisto river for about 15 months.


In a video by Michael Bennett, the famous YouTuber found an iPhone in a waterproof case while investigating the bottom of the Edisto river. Michael Bennett, who pulled the phone out of the river, plugs it into the charger to check if it works. The iPhone starts surprisingly after charging.

Michael Bennett, who made a statement to the local news channel WDAM 7, explained that he had difficulty finding the owner of the phone because he had a password on his iPhone. Because the iPhone has a password on the river, YouTuber removed the SIM card from the phone and inserted it in another phone to reach the owner of the iPhone.

The owner of the iPhone, who was removed from the river, announced that he dropped the phone on June 19, 2018 during a family trip. The owner of the iPhone was quite surprised that the phone was still working.

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