iPhone-assisted Covid-19 test awaits release


IPhone-supported Covid-19 test kits produced by Kroger Health are waiting to be released.

The Covid-19 test, which uses the iPhone to check the results and can be done at home, will be available from Kroger after the FDA approves the test for public sale. The Covid-19 Fast Antigen Home Test is currently awaiting approval from the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use authorization. Awaiting permission to present the test kit to the public, Kroger outlined the distribution plans for the test.

In addition to purchasing the test online, the healthcare company plans to make 2200 pharmacies and 220 clinics in the United States available for purchase.

It is stated that EUA produced the first 1.5 million units of the test, which the retailer will immediately begin to distribute if they approve the test kit. Also, the manufacturer claims that it can perform up to 30 million tests per month at full production capacity.

The test consists of a cleaning kit and an iPhone app that provide step-by-step instructions for properly collecting and handling the nasal swab sample. The app asks the user to use the iPhone camera to scan the marks of the tape after it is placed on the test tape and after a 15-minute wait.

The application then presents the result of the test as clearly as possible to the user. The app can also follow normal HIPAA compliance rules, and share the result with public health agencies.

It is stated that a clinical trial submitted to the FDA to support the application has determined that the test has a 93 percent positive and 99 percent negative accuracy compared to the existing PCR tests authorized for emergency use.

“Public health leaders agree that people should have access to on-demand, reliable and rapid testing in their own homes, and that’s exactly what our testing provides,” said Siddarth Satish, founder and CEO of Kroger Health’s roof company Gauss.


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