IPhone and iPad apps will be compatible with new Macs


Apple announced on Tuesday (10) its newest line of Mac devices, accompanied by the M1 processor, called by the company ‘fastest in the world’. With it, it will be possible to use iPhone and iPad applications natively without the aid of programs like Catalyst – however, their portability and integration still depends on the developers’ approval.

Presented at the One More Thing event, the novelty will be present in the new Macbook Air, Macbook Pro 13 “and Mac mini and all future devices that have the M1 processor.

Although Apple has already created tools to assist this integration between their phones and computers, its use is no longer strictly necessary, which should facilitate the process for many developers.

The compatibility of the applications, however, still depends on a certain approval from the developers to work, as it happened in the case of the Facebook and Google applications, which chose not to provide integration between devices, according to the TechCrunch website. During the presentation, Apple presented a demonstration with some famous iPhone applications that already work, such as the game Among Us and the streaming service HBO Max.

The TechRadar website states that, if done correctly, application portability can work even on Apple devices without the new M1 processor, as is the case with Mac versions with Intel.

In this sense, Apple is working on the new tool Rosetta 2, which should help developers and bring more applications to the “non-M1” versions of the Mac. Other applications, such as Adobe Photoshop, should be fully optimized only in 2021, indicating that programs previously exclusive to Mac also depend on a certain adaptation to the new processor.

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