iPhone 9: The entry level would be launched in April 2020


For some time, rumors have been running and confirming. In fact, Apple could launch its iPhone 9 by April 2020. The new Iphone could indeed make its appearance in April 2020 ! It would therefore be the iPhone 9 , displayed as an entry level.

Certainly, the epidemic affecting China has a big impact on the economy. Moreover, the Apple company is concerned by these disturbances. However, it seems that she still wants to launch her new product as soon as possible. As you can see, it is therefore the iPhone 9 . Good news for apple addicts!

That’s not all ! We still have good news. There is a good chance that the product will be announced on March 31 . It will then be available for purchase a few days later. Besides, it will not be necessary to heat your credit card to obtain it. And yes, the iPhone 9 / SE 2 will be an entry level. In addition, an iPad Pro could also appear on the market.

After the success of the Iphone X, there is a good chance that this new product will be a hit. It must be said that the Apple firm is very strong. For all its years, the brand has known how to innovate in an area that it masters to perfection. However, there is one thing she did not do. The most interested among you must have noticed this. It is the famous foldable smartphone .

Samsung or Huawei have done it. But where is the Apple brand foldable phone ? Can we expect to see him land after the release of the iPhone 9 ? Chances are yes. Indeed, Forbes recently unveiled a report illustrating this new product. However, we will have to be patient before seeing this technology in our hands. He didn’t plan until 2021.

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