iPhone 5G should suffer impact of coronavirus


Apple is not expected to launch a new line of iPhones with 5G internet support in September due to the new coronavirus pandemic. This is what appears in a report by the market consultancy Wedbush. It is not yet possible to estimate how much the company will be harmed by the profound changes on a global scale resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, it is expected that models with connections to the fifth generation networks will be marketed from October.

The forecast was motivated by the closing of Apple stores worldwide and the blocking of the apple production chain in China.

Wedbush does not specify in the document whether the models will be released later this year or postponed until the beginning of 2021. It just states that this will not happen during the fall in the Northern Hemisphere. Another point worth mentioning is that all the company’s forecasts are based on a possible recovery from the coronavirus until the month of July.

In addition to delaying the arrival of smartphones on the market, the report calculates the likelihood that Covid-19 will also affect Apple’s budget for the coming months. “We hope it will have a major negative impact on Apple’s business model for the foreseeable future,” says Daniel Ives, Wedbush representative.

It is estimated that there will be a 14% reduction in revenue in fiscal 2020 (to US $ 131 billion, against the US $ 152 billion previously forecast) and a 10% reduction in 2021 (US $ 172 billion), reflecting changes in demand in the short term of consumers. The company sees a possible financial recovery only a year from now with the sales records promoted by the 5G smartphone.

Should the pandemic last longer, Wedbush says it will have to review the assessments. Meanwhile, manufacturing activities are slowly resuming in China, but it is still not possible to rule out the chances of a further acceleration of the disease in the country.