iPhone 15 Should Win Periscope Lens Camera By 2023


iPhone 15: Earlier this year, Apple’s expert market analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the company was preparing to launch a new iPhone model with a periscopic camera. Again, Kuo returned to comment that Apple should release the iPhone 15 with the technology in 2023.

As announced in a report published on the MacRumors website, the analyst says that at least one version of the iPhone 15 will be released with periscope lenses — the lenses allow you to increase optical zoom without losing image quality.

Up to 48 MP

As revealed by Kuo, Apple is also expected to include 48 MP cameras in Pro models of the iPhone 14, offering video quality up to 8K and compatibility with the company’s supposed virtual reality glasses — due to be unveiled in 2023.

The analyst reiterated that the iPhone 15 must be manufactured with a periscope camera to significantly improve the zoom of images — not to mention that Apple is already known for providing extremely high-quality photos on its devices, compared even to professional photos captured on DSLR devices.

In addition, Kuo said the camera-related updates for Apple devices will help boost Taiwanese manufacturer Largan Precision’s revenue, profit and market share.

So far, however, only the most important part of the story has not commented on the case: Apple has not confirmed the information and all the details are still rumors.