iPhone 15 must have periscopic camera for optical zoom


Apple is expected to adopt in 2023, on the possible iPhone 15, a telephoto camera with periscope for high performance optical zoom. The information was released by Ming-Chi Kuo, a market analyst specializing in Apple’s projections and was released last Monday (08) by the MacRumors website.

According to rumors, Apple intended to adopt the technology already in the smartphone that will be launched next year, the hypothetical iPhone 14. The novelty would allow the company to compete with models that have had the tool for years, as in the case of Huawei’s P30 Pro.

Currently, the iPhone 12 has a 2.5x optical zoom and a 12x digital zoom. The periscope installed in Samsung’s Galaxy S20, allows the device to have a 100x zoom, for example, giving much more quality to the approximate images.

Upcoming iPhones

In addition to the information regarding the devices for the next two years, Ming-Chi Kuo talked about details of the iPhone 13. The model, which is expected to arrive in 2021, should have a plastic facial identifier in place of the glass. MacRumors recalls that in this case it is not possible to know if the decision was made only by reducing the cost or if the consumer will have an effective improvement in the experience.

Regarding the 2022 version of the cell phone, the idea is that the camera has 7 elements. The devices will also have news on the display, moving from the popular notch to the “hole punch-style”, which is a kind of hole in the screen.


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