iPhone 14 will take mobile photography to a ‘new level’, says analyst


iPhone 14: The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed details about the supposed iPhone 14, which is expected to hit the market in 2022. According to the expert, the line of devices “can raise the level of cell phone cameras”.

In a note sent to investors, the analyst revealed some of the specifications that may appear on Apple smartphones from 2022. According to speculation, the alleged iPhone 14 should have a main camera of 48 MP, which will support videos in 8K on the most powerful models of the line.

According to Kuo, the focus on higher resolutions serves to ensure a better experience when viewing content on modern TVs. In addition, 8K videos are also geared towards virtual and augmented reality devices, an industry that is expected to receive investments from Apple in the future.

According to the rumors, Apple is working on augmented reality glasses, which can be introduced as early as 2021. As VR and AR devices work best with content at resolutions between 8K and 16K, the evolution of the iPhones camera can help company to consolidate itself in this sector.

Screen size

In addition to commenting on the cameras in the 2022 line of iPhones, Kuo also revealed details about the screen size of the devices. The analyst points out that the iPhone 14 will be launched with two 6.1 ” models and two 6.7 ” devices.

In addition to the four main models, Apple is also expected to launch another 2022 Mini line phone in 2022. The compact version of the iPhone 14 is expected to feature a 5.4 ” screen.

Although Ming-Chi Kuo has sources close to Apple, the information has not been confirmed by the smartphone maker so far. Therefore, all details must be considered rumors.

The most recent series of mobile phones from Apple is the iPhone 12 line, which is already available in Brazil for a price starting at R $ 6,999. If the company follows its standards, the next batch of smartphones will be launched in the second half of the year, and should arrive with a smaller notch on the screen.


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