iPhone 14 Pro Can Switch Lightning Port To USB-C


iPhone 14 Pro: Apple is said to be considering adding a USB-C port to the iPhone, after years of requests from users. This is what alleged sources on the site iDropNews revealed on Thursday (18), suggesting the possibility of introducing the pattern in one of the variants of the iPhone 14, which is expected to be launched in 2022.

Sources heard by the publication, familiar with the matter, stated that the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max can bring a USB-C port instead of the Lightning connection. According to the information, there are three reasons Apple is considering making the move.

The higher speed offered by the standard adopted by Android is one of them. Transferring a two-hour, 720GB-sized 4K ProRes video to a PC via Lightning, for example, takes almost 4 hours, while the same procedure done over a USB-C connection with USB 4 technology takes less than three minutes.

This exchange would also prevent Apple from facing legal problems, as the United States and the European Union pressure the manufacturer to use a universal connector. The environmental factor is another prominent reason, making it possible to use any USB-C cable on the iPhone, preventing new mass production of the accessory.

Adapted model is successful

For now, there are only rumors about the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro with USB-C, as Apple has not given any information about this possibility. But the project presented by robotics student Ken Pillonel, in which he swapped the connections himself, showed that the version is highly coveted.

The iPhone USB-C created by him was put up for auction and sold for an amount equivalent to R$ 460 thousand. The device is a modified and functional 64GB iPhone X, whose USB-C port can be used to transfer data and charge the battery.