iPhone 14 May Have 2TB Storage, Rumor Points Out


iPhone 14: Apple has offered a storage upgrade option from 512MB to 1TB on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max versions, which are expected to be launched in Brazil on October 22nd. But it appears that the smartphone maker is still not satisfied with the extra capacity and is expected to further increase the memory in the new generation of devices.

Rumors released by the Chinese website MyDrivers indicate that Apple collaborators are testing a QLC flash memory, which uses 4 bits per cell, instead of the TLC memory, with 3 bits per cell, used in the current version of the device. This will provide Apple with a reduction in component costs, as well as offering capacity of up to 2TB while maintaining the same size.

iPhone 14 must have radical design change and ‘extra’ models

The decision may not just be technical or economic. With the global difficulty of supplying chips, Apple had to redo some purchase commitments for components for the iPhone 13, which appears to have been continued for the production of the next generation of devices.

QLC memory has a lower data write endurance rating, and therefore fewer usage cycles, than other technologies. However, even if used extensively, iPhones in 2022 with QLC will last for years.

Although it is not an official source, MyDrivers has already released accurate details about Apple products. Before the iPad Air launch announcement, the site got things right like USB-C, the A14 processor and design changes. Correct data from the M1 iPad Pro was also leaked in 2021.

More power, more storage

With the inclusion of new features in devices, it is natural that smartphones need more memory to function. Apple has added to the iPhone 13 Pro the option of ProRes 4K video, whose every minute you shoot consumes about 6GB of storage.

However, as with the iPhone 13, Apple must reserve more powerful settings, like 2TB memory, for the Pro version, with the regular iPhone 14 coming out with up to 1TB of storage.


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